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10 Rustic Touches For The Perfect Barn Wedding.

As converted barn weddings are SUPER popular in the wedding industry – especially in the English countryside – we thought that we would put together 10 bespoke rustic touches for the perfect barn wedding.

If you like any of the pieces shown or would like to know about prices, please head over to our website -> <- to find out more info!

Ready… set… go!

1. Signposts

Lots of barns are in the middle of absolutely nowhere, which does add an exclusive feel to your day… but can also mean that some of your guests may get lost!

Having a signpost at the entrance to direct people to the right place can be super handy for some venues. The arrows can point whichever way you would like them to and you can have as many different arrows as you need.

The signpost could also match up with your theme. For example we once did a Harry Potter themed wedding which had directional arrows to ‘Hogsmead’ and ‘Diagon Alley’ – so get creative!

All of our products are yours to keep forever, so some guests put their signpost in the garden after the wedding as a special keepsake, to remind them of their wonderful day.

2. Welcome Signs

Welcome Signs are the MUST HAVE personal touches for your wedding.

They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours to suit your style and preferences.

All of our products are cut and handmade in our workshop by myself and my Grandad, Craig. This means that you can change everything about the sign if you wish; they can be larger or smaller, wider or taller and the colours can be adapted to suit your chosen theme.

The sign above is our classic welcome sign, a hugely popular choice, especially for a rustic theme. Alternatively our new release of The Curve Collection boasts some interesting shapes, which are bespoke and a little more individual.

Foliage can also be painted onto them as you wish.

3. Card Boxes

Our card boxes are all made from reclaimed wood and put together by us in the workshop.

They are a solid crate style box, which is the perfect size for putting wedding memories inside and keeping them safe after the wedding.

Rememeber, rustic doesn’t always mean using our ‘Dark Oak’ stain.

Various colour schemes work well with wooden pieces such as light grey.

Personalisation touches – you can either have the box plain or your names can be written on the front with your wedding date.

So yeah, the ideal rustic alternative to the previous wedding letterbox for cards.

4. Ceremony ‘Choose a Seat, Not a Side’ Sign

Quite often unintentionally, both sides of the family sit on separate sides during the ceremony.

But sometimes one side of the family is larger than the other, so it is often quite nice to let your guests know that there is no separation between them.

We have done various designs with this quote which can be seen on our Instagram (@thewedoworkshop) – but this is our favourite so far!

5. Seating / Table Plans

Quite often this is the bane of couples lives during the planning process and gives a few headaches here and there! Who is going to sit where and who has been through a break up and changed their plus one…

Our seating plans can be ordered in advance as we only need a rough estimate of the number of guests that you are having at the wedding. The seating plan can then be sent to us at a further date when you are more sure about the seating plan.

Having a theme? We can adapt the design of the seating plan accordingly to match. One of our workshops is in Kendal, so this theme is very much close to our hearts. We have spent many a weekend climbing the fells of The Lake District!

Having a theme which reflects something important to you both. adds an intimate feel to your chosen bespoke piece.

The new Separates Collection we just launched gives you the option of opting for something a little different, that is sure to wow your guests.

Why not combine your welcome sign and seating plan together as one collective piece?

Fancy something a little different than the classic easel for hanging up your chosen bespoke piece?

Our copper frames are now available to rent – YEY!

They are sent to you in the post and are SUPER easy to put together. Then when you are finished, all you need to do is pop them back in the same packaging, stick the given label on the front of the box and hand it in to The Post Office, who will send them back over to us – easy peasy.

6. Order of the Day Signs

What time are we doing the ceremony? Where are we going next? I’m getting hungry… when is our next meal?

This is a very useful piece to have to give an approximate timing schedule for how the day is going to run. To keep all of your guests in the know!

Our reclaimed wood pallet order of the day signs are one of our most popular pieces.

They can have as many or as little planks on them as you wish. Usually people opt for 7/8 planks to fit all the timings on there.

7. Bride and Groom Signs

Both signs come with hooks and string included, to add to the back of the chair.

A perfect photo moment and also a little keepsake to take away with you both. Another variant of these is our ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ signs.

8. Slate Place Names

Even though they aren’t made out of wood – they still work with the rustic theme and make the perfect place name. They also double up as a favour, for the guests to take home as a personalised coaster.

They come in 2 shapes – square and the hugely popular hexagon as shown here.

Which ones are your faves?

Square or hex?

Each coaster comes with the surface guards on the bottom of them to protect the surface below.

Custom stamps can also be made to add your names and date of wedding to the back of them.

The possibilities are endless – so dreamy!

9. Table Names

You can go for the classic formats of ‘Table 1’ / ‘one’ / ‘Table One’. Or you can get creative and match the table names with your chosen theme and pair them with the seating plan.

This couple opted for their tables to be named after their favourite walks – cute!

10. First Day, Yes Day, Best Day Sign

Last but definitely not least, is our key dates sign.

It combines the 3 main dates of your relationship so far (as long as you can both remember the first date!). A lovely little memory sign for both on the day and after the wedding.

I hope you all found this helpful! There are far too many things to think about when planning a wedding, but it always comes together in the end.

Good Luck with the planning you lovely lot!

Danielle from The We Do Workshop x


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