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Had To Postpone Your Wedding?

Your wedding day is a day that usually has a physical or mental countdown of ‘how many days until the big day’. It’s a day you plan meticulously for and a day to make your childhood wedding dreams come to life. You choose a special selection of suppliers and often drag your other half around umpteen venues to find the perfect one. You stretched the wedding budget a few times… and probably a few times more than the other half knows about (yes, I do need a wedding Jo Malone scent just for the day thank you credit card).

The dress is chosen to perfection with the help of your closest family and friends. A certain fit, colour, style and lace pattern. You may even have been on a diet for months to fit into said dress. Just in case anyone told you otherwise, no, a Ryvita is not the same as a slice of buttery bread with my soup thanks very much. Does this wedding dress come in a stretchy version just in case? Maybe I can feed up all my bridesmaids instead, then I’ll look smaller in the photos…

The flowers are selected to match with the theme and colour palette of your day, right down to the last petal. Although, it was a task to pop your partners eyes back into their head when they saw the price of them… no they are not just flowers!

100 glasses of ‘while I wedding plan’ wine were consumed, while your wedding notebook planner was still Sauvignon Blank. You have made and crossed off ‘wedding to do lists’ as you got everything ready. Venue ‘check’, Photographer ‘check’, partner ‘oh yes, check’. Drove everyone mad around you while you fuss over details and decisions.

You: ‘Powder white table cloths or cotton white?’

Partner: ‘Err they look the same love’

You: ‘Sure, just like Manchester United and Manchester City fans are the same right? Both from Manchester after all?’

Wedding invites were sent out and RSVPs were sent back – well mostly, and the people that didn’t best bring a chair and a sandwich if they plan to turn up anyway.

Seating arrangements were argued over ‘he can’t sit on that table he cheated on her in secondary school’ and ‘no no they can’t sit together there will be world war 3!’. Eventually these arrangements were sent off to your chosen signage supplier (eg. Danielle and Grandad Craig at The We Do Workshop hehe) and made into a bespoke seating plan for your big day.

But then, we were told that mass gatherings were to be stopped, everyone started working from home, schools closed, weddings postponed, shops closed, everyone has to stay at home and a clinical face mask is now apparently made of liquid gold with a price tag to match. We can’t see the people closest to us at the moment and we long for the same freedom we once had. NHS nurses and doctors are now working on the front line, to protect our families and friends, while risking their own lives.

Cheers Coronavirus.

So, all of our planning and wedding prepping has come to a stand still. Everyone has questions which there is no clear answer for. Postponed dates have now been organised and an almighty juggling act performed to up-heave the full day to the next date. No doubt there has been tears and much disappointment about the changes.

But we all know we need to remember the bigger picture, we are doing this to save people’s lives around us and ease the pressure on the NHS during this time.

This is not forever and we will get back to ‘normal’ at some point in the near future. There’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel; though it may be a long and winding tunnel, with no toilet roll, chopped tomatoes or handwash in sight. We must stay as positive as we can and enjoy the exciting run up to the big day all over again!

Dresses will be worn, the aisle will be walked up, happy tears will be shed, your auntie will drink too much and your wedding planning will come to life and be remembered forever, alongside your family and dearest friends.

Just remember, the big day will be just as wonderful next year as it would have been this year.

Don’t forget we are offering a free date change on any signs made by us! Pop us a message over for more info on this.

Stay safe you lovely lot.

Danielle @ The We Do Workshop


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